Entrepreneurial Branding Conversations is a premium podcast show for purpose-driven entrepreneurs in Africa, looking for insights and strategies on building purpose-led brands in the entrepreneurial context. As a purpose driven entrepreneur, this show is made to speak to your entrepreneurial mindset during your journey to brand building and branding for your business, by challenging your outlook on strategy and the way you think about branding.

These conversations are led by Phumulani Mngomezulu. Phumulani has been engaged on the study of brand building for entrepreneurs for more than five years, working with a number of entrepreneurs and experts in marketing and branding. As a thought leader, he is the author of the book entitled Entrepreneurial Branding, where he presents his insights and strategies on brand building for entrepreneurs as a South African business author and brand strategist. The book is well received and is acclaimed and recommended by marketing, brand and psychology experts across Africa. In this show, he will be sharing his thinking and philosophical approach to brand building with the intention to distil thought-provoking and practical insights and strategies that you can use for your entrepreneurial business.

The show is anchored by Asmae Bahassou. Asmae is the Executive Director of MYSEC, the Moroccan Youth Social Entrepreneurs Camp, that supports the development of the next generation of social entrepreneurs in Morocco. Asmae is just as passionate and enthusiastic as Phumulani about branding in the entrepreneurial context. In this show, Asmae will be helping you reflect and internalize the insights that will be distilled in the show as you receive these conversations to your ears.
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