As entrepreneurs ourselves, one of the things we understand is that entrepreneurship is hard and so is building a brand in this context. We are not advisors, gurus, or consultants, neither are we promising to sell you a magic formula that will turn your brand into an overnight success if you press *123#.  Our community offering is meticulously designed to support you in your entrepreneurial journey and make the hard work of working out your brand and branding strategy easier by providing you with a team of the finest deep thinkers on brand strategy, providing you with top-rated, critically acclaimed brand strategy planning and management material to help you with systemization, as well as a platform where you can learn and connect with the most successful, deep-thinking and progressive marketers in Corporate South Africa, who also have a passion and interest to help entrepreneurs. That is what it means to have Persntge of your side.

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  • Attend our scheduled masterclasses
  • Receive our top-rated Strategy Products for insights, planning, management and systemization to implement in your business
  • Attend the Entrepreneurial Branding Conference as a Special Delegate

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  • 1 hour session
  • Access to a Persntge Strategist to assist you with your brand strategy needs

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