Have you read Phumulani’s book and need some personal reflection? Have you listened to a podcast episode and need to ask some personal questions? or are you working on a strategy and need to have a an insightful and philosophical strategy conversation with Phumulani where you only talk about and work on your brand? then…


Your personal strategy conversation with Phumulani will be focused on empowering you with personalized insightful, thought-leading and philosophical frameworks that will inspire you to think different on how you create and map your consumer journey

How will it be unique with Phumulani?

Phumulani creates and uses his own philosophical strategy frameworks that are highly acclaimed and recommended by other entrepreneurs and experts

What is your personal take-away from each conversation with Phumulani?

You will feel more confident in your brand building quest and in your visionary abilities as a purpose-driven entrepreneur


You will be stimulated, challenged and inspired to stretch your mind and thinking to new horizons about branding and entrepreneurship


You will reach heightened levels of understanding humanity and the human condition for consumer intelligence

You will learn something new, guaranteed!

Please Note: This consultation service will not be charged for entrepreneurs who own a copy of the Entrepreneurial Branding Insights book and Strategy Tools workbook. If you do not own any of these products, the consultation service will be charged at R900 p/session.

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