Who we are

Persntge is a brand strategy education and support organization that selects and works with purpose-led entrepreneurs. Our practical mission at Persntge is to create products and facilitate a learning experience that assists entrepreneurs to establish a strong, cultured and purpose-led marketing function. 

According to international research institutions Dun & Bradstreet and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), two of the major factors that contribute to the 96% failure rate of entrepreneurial businesses are a) Entrepreneurs are out of touch with their consumer’s needs and b) Entrepreneurs tend to start “me-too businesses” that offer no distinct value or authentic difference. 

At Persntge, we recognize these challenges that entrepreneurs face as only symptoms of a real problem, where the heart of the problem, under the surface, is that entrepreneurs do not have a conscious relationship with the human condition and its role in consumerism and brand building.

Because of this problem, at the surface, they then encounter the challenges that the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and Dun & Bradstreet highlight. It is our mission then to assist entrepreneur to establish a strong, cultured and purpose-led marketing function by providing them the resources to create compelling brand strategies that speak to the human condition. 


What we do?
  • Brand Strategy Education & Support
How we do it?
  • Brand Strategy Books and Worksheets/Plannes
  • Group Workshop Facilitation
  • Brainstorming Strategy & Creative Sessions   
  • Entrepreneurial Events

Who we do it for?


The Persntge Philosophy

Our purpose is to illuminate the human condition through our brand strategy expertise for purpose-led entrepreneurs who are building businesses that serve humanity and the world. 

The Persntge Founder

Persntge is founded and led by Phumulani Mngomezulu. Phumulani is an award-winning author and regarded as an award-winning thought leader on brand strategy. He regularly facilitates brand strategy workshops with entrepreneurs and talks to entrepreneurs at entrepreneurship conferences and events on brand strategy. Over a period of 5 years, Phumulani’s thought leadership work has reached and impacted a lot of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial students within South Africa and other countries such as Mozambique, Morocco, Japan, Rwanda, Nigeria, Cameroon, and the United States. His debut book entitled Entrepreneurial Branding was released in 2020 with critical acclaim by seasoned marketing/brand experts and thought leaders from brands such as PepsiCo, MiWay Insurance, Nedbank, FNB, Kulula.com, British Airways (Operated by Comair), DaimlerChrysler and others. It was also featured as a “Hot Read” on Sowetan Book Reviews and acclaimed as “A formulated unique approach to learning about entrepreneurship” by Sowetan